Best-in-class, tech enabled genetics counseling suite.

Your labs, your patients, and our counselors collaborating together within our state-of-the-art genetic counseling platform to provide best-in-class care.

Services - All referrer types can benefit from our services

We have built in capabilities that remain flexible, no matter who you are. Whether you are a testing lab, clinic, individual physician, research foundation, bio-pharma, or any other industry partner, we have the capacity to serve you.


Ease the burden of risk assessment and test interpretation with out board-certified genetic counselors who can provide your patients with pre-test or post-test genetic counseling.


Bring the expertise of genetic counselors to your clinic. We can support your in-house clinical team with expert advice from a board-certified genetic counselor.


We support research foundations and bio-pharma with genetic counselor support customized to your testing menu, giving your sequencing the robust interpretation it deserves.

CombinedBrain's Project FIND-OUT selected Guide Genetics for genetic counseling services.

Project FIND-OUT is unique in that it provides free whole genome sequencing, genetic counseling, and referral to specialists for symptomatic infants ... Guide Genetics, which has a network of professional genetic counselors, an easy-to-use patient portal and lab referral platform will provide virtual genetic counseling services for the project.

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Expertise - Our genetic counseling services span all domains.

From Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), Cancer, Carrier Testing and Rare Diseases, Prenatal, and Others — we have an endless capacity to support your specific needs.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing. Guide Genetics' platform and expert genetic counselor network is at the cutting edge of providing whole-genome sequencing (WGS) counseling. We have built out proprietary technology and capabilities to support clinical encounters, interpretation and next steps in the WGS space. The immense volume of data requiring interpretation and clinical guidance is a newer corner of genetic counseling which is now being routinely tackled by the experienced team at Guide Genetics.
  • Cancer. Increasingly, cancer management requires simultaneous understanding of inherited genes, tumor genetics and family history. Counselors will take a pedigree in concert pre-test or post-test consultation. This will add further insight into treatment options for current cancer patients, after tumor genomic testing.
  • Carrier Testing and Rare Disease. Carrier testing explained for those of reproductive age or those with family history concerns. With expertise and experience in rare and not-so-rare diseases, we serve individuals, commercial labs and clinical groups. Our genetic counselors will explain the genetic underpinnings of disease and put it in the context of family history, genetics and current, relevant published data to guide next steps in the clinical journey.
  • Prenatal. Get easy access to prenatal counseling for individuals and providers. We support family planning counseling to same-sex couples and individuals, and expert review third-party licensed genetic counselors unaffiliated to companies to give you an unbiased perspective.

Need something more?

We offer clinical support on tap with tailored support for specialty diseases, research trials, health study results, among others. We also offer consulting services to improve your system for optimal efficiency and patient care.

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