Close the loop on your genetic testing with the interpretation solution you’ve been looking for

  • Genetic counseling solutions across various clinical areas
  • Customized solutions tailored to fit your needs, including pay per case
  • Easy to use portal that keeps you in control of referrals for genetic counseling and genetic counselor documentation
  • Options for streamlined batch referrals for large scale projects
  • Our tech enabled solutions allow quick and easy scheduling so we can serve your patients faster



Strengthen your offering and alleviate the burden of clinical interpretation


Access genetic counselor support customized to your testing menu

  • Comprehensive pedigree and genetic counseling workup* all with a board certified genetic counselor
  • HIPAA-secure portal to manage referrals, transfer reports, schedule patients and receive summary reports



Give your sequencing the robust interpretation it deserves

  • Benefit from genetic counselors who are experienced in the areas of your laboratory testing
  • Don’t let questions about abnormal results and annotations slow down your business

Genetic counseling expertise doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to find

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