Learn more about your genetics

  • Work with a board-certified genetic counselor to get your questions answered or learn of your eligibility for cost-free testing, based on  personal history and established guidelines
  • Learn how genetic testing would be helpful and get guidance for the right testing
  • Bring clarity to the meaning of your genetic testing results
Personal Genomics

Empowering individuals to take an active role in their genetics

Get your questions answered

  • Struggling with a genetic testing report or information from your relatives?
  • Offering access to a network of expert genetic counselors, with experience in a wide variety of clinical and disease areas
  • Guide genetics brings the same expertise offered at academic centers and leading clinical laboratories to the palm of your hand

Utilize a genetic counseling approach geared for the digital age

Family History / Pedigree

Easy scheduling and submission of information, once you login to our portal. All done online, from the convenience of home or work.

Expert Clinical Support

Scheduled appointments for phone or web-based consultation.
Risk assessment and review of testing options with a genetic counselor at your side, from your home or office.

Genetic Testing

Clear facts to help you decide on testing or better inform your test results.
Let us help you make sense of your genetic risk and genetic testing!

Genetic counseling made simple.

  • Hassle-free access to a nationwide network of genetic counselors
  • Talk to a genetic counselor today

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