Helping make sense of genetic testing

  • Counselors will take a pedigree in concert pre-test or post-test consultation
  • Genetic counseling may add further insight into treatment options for current cancer patients, after tumor genomic testing
  • Increasingly, cancer management requires simultaneous understanding of inherited genes, tumor genetics and family history

  • Cancer 1

    What arises de novo

  • Cancer 2

    What we are born with

Engage with experts to improve clinical understanding


How we make it easy for you.

  • Register, self-schedule and fill out several digital forms to get started
  • Genetic counselors will make the most of the information provided digitally
  • We promise to keep your virtual visit short and simple
  • Pedigree collection may be required
  • All done via our HIPAA-secure cloud platform


Focus on the state of the art.

  • Risk assessment and pre-test counseling
  • Post-test results counseling
  • Those with newly diagnosed cancer and with tumors that have been sequenced
  • Direct-to-consumer testing that has cancer implications
  • Patients for whom there may be targeted therapies for cancer, based on mutations (e.g., PARP inhibitors)

Expert input doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to find

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